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The Mist TV series is on the way – and it will be epic

A TV series based on The Mist is on the way, and it sounds intriguing

The Mist 2
Rita creator Christian Torpe will adapt the TV series of The Mist for Dimension

TV shows based on Stephen King properties don’t seem to be doing too well of late. Both Haven and Under The Dome were recently the victims of cancellation, and who even knows what’s happening with the It series anymore? However, this doesn’t seem to be putting people off, as Dimension Television is looking to bring The Mist – previously the recipient of a film adaptation in 2007, courtesy of Frank Darabont – to the small screen.

In charge of adapting the series is Christian Torpe, who you may or may not know from popular Danish drama Rita. Coming from such a credible background in TV, we hope he’ll avoid making the mistakes other versions of King’s work have made.

In a press release for the show, it was revealed that it would be based around, “a seemingly innocuous mist that seeps into a small town but contains limitless havoc. From psychological terrors to otherworldly creatures, the mist causes the town residents’ darkest demons to appear forcing them to battle the supernatural event and, more importantly, each other.”

For the most part, Darabont’s movie was well received, so this has a lot to live up to. Regardless, with the pedigree it comes with, we’re sure it has every chance.

A release date for The Mist is yet to be announced. You can download Stephen King: The Complete Manual from iTunes now.