The Matrix 4 coming? We don’t think so

New Matrix trilogy seems unlikely, cynical and out of character for the Wachowskis

The cast of 1999's The Matrix
The cast of 1999’s The Matrix

Notorious house of hearsay Latino-Review have another one of their famous ‘scoops’, alleging that the Wachoski siblings – currently prepping the wonderful/atrocious-looking Jupiter Ascending – are lining up a whole new Matrix trilogy.

The site burbles, “We’ve been told that the Wachowskis have already started the writing process, with early treatments and outlines already turned into the studio. No word if they will want to direct but my money says ‘Claro Que Si!’…”

“The derisive ending of the original Matrix trilogy [included] the bearded Architect suggesting that Neo wasn’t the first ‘One,’ opening the story world for prequels.”

If you search SciFiNow for Latino-Review, you’ll get a fairly compelling picture of their track record, but the real question is whether this even sounds like something the Wachowskis would do.

The directors have built their careers on pursuing projects that really inspire them, and a return to the world of The Matrix seems like something that would be deeply cynical.

They’ve returned to similar themes – rebellion and consensual reality, the interconnectivity of all things – in the likes of Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and V For Vendetta with varying degrees of effectiveness (or unproven degrees of effectiveness, in the case of Jupiter Ascending), so what could another shot at The Matrix really bring to the table?

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