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The Dark Knight Rises: can you understand Bane?

Warner reportedly nervous about the reaction to the Tom Hardy villain’s muffled voice, but director Christopher Nolan will apparently only change the sound mix ‘slightly’

Warner Bros is reportedly worried about the fan reaction to Bane’s almost indecipherable dialogue in The Dark Knight Rises. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources working on the movie are panicked that audiences are struggling to get to grips with the villain’s speech, obscured as it is by the character’s mask. Some working at Warner would apparently like director Christopher Nolan to alter the sound, but he’s supposedly told the studio that he only plans to tweak it rather than overhaul the mix.

For us, we hope that the acoustics of seeing the film in the cinema will reduce the problem – it’s one thing wanting audiences to pay attention, but it becomes a genuine problem when everyone in the cinema is having the same problem understanding what he’s saying, hearing what sounds like Roger Moore talking into a sock on the other end of a walkie-talkie.

Still, that trailer is pretty bloody good, isn’t it?