The Crow exclusive: Luke Evans reveals Eric Draven look

Dracula Untold’s Luke Evans on becoming a goth icon and getting The Crow’s “tormented” look

James O'Barr's haunting art for The Crow
James O’Barr’s haunting art for The Crow

Luke Evans is set to become something of a Goth icon. Not only is the Welshman taking on the role of Wallachian warlord turned tragic antihero in Dracula Untold, he’s also set to tackle the title character in the reboot of the iconic 1994 comic-book movie The Crow.

Evans first began talking about the role of Eric Draven/The Crow, which will be directed by Spanish filmmaker F Javier Gutiérrez, when completing his press duties for 2013’s Fast And Furious 6, although the project has since missed its intended start date.

“It will happen at some point,” the 35-year-old actor explains, speaking exclusively to SciFiNow for the new issue.

“We missed the start date because of film scheduling and people being available. So now it is just about finding the window when everyone is available. Hopefully, it will get ironed out. It will have to be next year now, though.”

Luke Evans as Vlad the Impaler in Dracula Untold
Luke Evans as Vlad the Impaler in Dracula Untold

The delay has robbed the production of Evans in top fighting form. He was set to go straight from Dracula Untold into The Crow and sculpting the physique he’d already built up slaying Turkish warriors to match James O’Barr’s panels was going to be considerably easier.

“We are going back to the original book and the original comic and original story,” he says.

“If you know the original material, you will know that he barely has his top on and is incredibly cut, to a point where it looks almost as if he is starving himself. It is that tormented physical shape that he has.

“So I am in a good place, and by the time I finish Dracula Untold I should be starting the small transformation to what we think he should look like. It is exciting.”

And how does Evans feel about his elevation to goth icon?

“I wasn’t into anything like that growing up,” he says. “I was brought up in a sunshine family, with a very happy life, and there were no goths in my house. It would have been the complete opposite, actually!”

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