The BSG Diaries: part 7

Saluting season two at its midway point.

downloadThe last seven days have been a speedy blur of BSG highs and more highs, and I can now proudly say that I am halfway through season two. Today, I have five episodes I want, nay, must salivate over. So, through the power of the written word my mission to convey how immense this series is continues. Enjoy.

Following on from ‘Resistance’, the next episode I encountered was the though-provoking ‘The Farm’. Flitting between events on Caprica and Galactica everything about this episode was spot on. It’s great to see Commander Adama back at the helm, and I think it’s a real masterstroke in characterisation that he is standing by Colonel Tigh despite some of the bad decisions he made during his brief time in command. Then there’s Starbuck’s discovery of the titular farm, suffice to say this chain of events makes me dislike the Cylons that little bit more.

‘Home: Part 1’ started off extremely promising and saw Starbuck, Helo and Boomer returning to the fleet. I loved the dynamic between the group Roslin assembles for the mission to Kobol: there’s Apollo in full-on lapdog mode, Boomer as a prisoner for hire and Tom Zarek plus his minion planning a nasty fate for Apollo. Hardly the recipe for success is it? Thankfully the end of this first-part saw Commander Adama deciding to reunite the fleet (a great moment), and in ‘Home: Part 2’ we got to see the Kobol mission succeed thanks to Adama and his rescue team helping out. With so much going on it’s a real credit to the series that character still remains the primary focus. Despite ‘Home: Part 2’ slipping into sentimental territories on occasions (just how many people does Commander Adama hug on Kobol?), the conclusion of this episode sets the series off on a more defined course – to Earth.

The next episode I watched was ‘Final Cut’, and following the events of the previous two-parter it was nice to spend some time on Galactica. With Boomer immediately chucked in the brig, life on the ship is immediately made more interesting knowing we have a good/bad Cylon onboard. But the focus of this episode was very much on the crew, and through the camera of roving reporter-cum-secret-Cylon D’Anna Biers, we are given a great insight into the ship’s minor crew members. I mean, who’d have known that Gaeta had a tattoo? And that Dee has daddy issues? Not I, and it’s due to insightful episodes like his one that we get to know the show’s characters better. Like all really great episodes of BSG, ‘Final Cut’ also offers a blistering subtext to ponder over, and in the case of this particular episode it’s that little matter of the media’s relationship with the military.

‘Flight Of The Phoenix’ was a Boomer-centric episode, and featured this turncoat Cylon assisting Commander Adama and co to cure a deadly virus that is spreading through the ship’s computer system. Chief Tyrol and Laura Roslin turn in great performances in this episode, and the Chief’s mission to make a fighter plane from scratch was a great way of presenting team unity on screen. So that’s another week of viewing over with, and as always I can’t wait to see what future instalments will bring.

Season two, I salute you.

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