The BSG Diaries: part 6

More musings on Battlestar Galactica’s second season.

Title - Battlestar GalacticaI’m being a tad slow with my BSG experience, but have managed to watch two rather intriguing episodes over the last week. So far my opinion on season two is still extremely positive, and I am enjoying the politically charged situations that are occurring. So here are my thoughts…

‘Fragged’, the third episode in season two, centres on Chief Tyrol and the other survivors on Kobol. Tyrol is always a class act, and it’s a real testament to his character that he stands by Lt Crashdown’s misjudged decision to assault a Cylon position. It’s also a credit to the series as a whole, because in a lesser programme we would see Crashdown and the Chief butting heads in this situation to less damning effect. I was also staggered at how Apollo’s rescue mission on Kobol blends with the survivors’ tense attack on the Cylons. On Galactica I was also surprised at how fast things are changing, and I still can’t believe boozy Colonel Tigh disbanded the government and declared marshal law. I blame the wife.

Fourth episode ‘Resistance’ had a strong theme of, well, resistance running through it. Over the course of its runtime we got to see Laura Roslin and Apollo escape Galactica and Tigh’s rule, as well as Starbuck and Helo joining an actual resistance on Caprica. But the real resistance in this episode – and yes, that is the last time I will use the word – is that of the Chief (him again) and the struggle he has caring for Boomer, despite her being a Cylon. In conjunction with this predicament, ‘Resistance’ (dammit) ends on a shocking conclusion and a definite case of art imitating life.

I aim to go into hyperdrive with my BSG marathon over the next week, so keep your eyes glued to these here pages for my thoughts on season two’s midway point.

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