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The American Gods team want to make The Sandman TV series

Neil Gaiman wants Warner Bros to realise The Sandman should be on TV and Fuller and Green are game

Not so much news as a random blast of “Ooh, wouldn’t that be amazing!” but Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have stated that they would love to make a TV series based on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

Speaking to Yahoo TV while promoting American Gods, Fuller, Green and Gaiman all expressed the wish that they could bring the author’s landmark comic to television.

“Those comics are so filled with so much story, and so much humanity and such visual candy,” enthused Fuller. “Try to stop us if we have half the opportunity.”

Gaiman absolutely agreed, while adding a note of cautious “not really in my power” reality to the proceedings.

“I would love it if these people made Sandman. On the one hand, I do not own or control the rights to Sandman, that is DC Comics, I was 26 when I signed the contract and I knew what I was signing. On the other hand, I’m hoping that the success of American Gods will show Time Warner that maybe something as huge and shapeless and strange as Sandman would be best suited to television with the likes of the dangerous maniacs sitting next to me making it.”

“Why don’t we just tell them right now ‘It’s a television show, it’s not a film.'” added Green. “There. We fixed it.”

We would of course be overjoyed to see Fuller and Green tackle The Sandman, but as Gaiman points out, it’s not as simple as that. Warner Bros’ attempts to turn Gaiman’s epic comic about Dream and his Endless siblings (Death, Desire, Despair, Destruction, Destiny and Delirium) have spanned decades.

It recently seemed like we were getting somewhere when Joseph Gordon-Levitt took over the reins with writer Jack Thorne, but then he dropped out. Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisser was next, but then he left the project because he believed it would work better as a TV series than a film. Sounds like the people to convince are Warner Bros… Because Bryan Fuller is definitely up for it.

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