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Terry Brooks’ Shannara series to be adapted for TV

Game Of Thrones paves the way for another bestselling fantasy series adaptation.

Sonar Entertainment and Farah Films have teamed up to produce a television series based on Terry Brooks’ bestselling Shannara fantasy series.

It could be thanks to the success of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, based on George RR Martin’s Song Of Ice And Fire saga, which proved that impressive effects and epic storytelling can translate to the small screen, too.

Brooks’ Shannara series first hit the shelves in 1977, following the story of a medieval world set hundreds of years after civilisation has been wiped out by a nuclear holocaust.

He told Variety: “Partnering with Sonar Entertainment and Farah Films on adapting the ‘Shannara’┬ásaga for television is an exciting prospect. Everything about both companies suggests the result will be one that both old and new fans of the books will readily embrace. I am committed to doing everything I can to help make this happen.”

We’re still waiting on a distribution deal, but Farah and Sonar are going to start shopping for a US network to house the project. Do you think the Shannara series will make for entertaining viewing? Any ideas on who should be cast?


Terry Brooks’ The Wards Of Faerie is out now.