Terra Nova Season 2 was going in “a darker direction”

Avatar star Stephen Lang talks about what would have happened in the “rougher” Terra Nova Season 2.

Stephen Lang Terra Nova Season 2

Stephen Lang Terra Nova Season 2
Stephen Lang as Commander Nathaniel Taylor in Terra Nova

Speaking to Digital Spy about his role in Fox’s time travel sci-fi series Terra Nova, Avatar star Stephen Lang, who played the colony’s leader, Commander Nathaniel Taylor, spoke at length about what he hoped would have happened in Season 2, had the show not been cancelled.

“We certainly had discussions about it and I knew a very basic idea – we were heading out towards the Bad Lands, which is interesting to me because we filmed in Australia and we took good advantage of so much of the lushness that was offered to us on the Gold Coast.

“Of course, so much of Australia is the interior – you don’t really have to penetrate too far to get there, and I really did envision the second season being much more rugged and different. I was anticipating all kinds of camouflaged scenes, with dinos and things. A lot of rock and sand and heat, and I liked that idea.

“I thought the show was going to be great, and I thought that things were going to get tougher and leaner. The world of Terra Nova as we joined it… there is a certain amount of prosperity there, and in fact I would say that I was a bit surprised when I first got there to see how it had all developed and how sophisticated the colony was – I had envisioned it being a bit more Swiss Family Robinson, but that wasn’t my call.

“It’s cool, I totally got on board with that, but I thought after the destruction of the colony and the destruction of the portal, it was interesting – now we can really regress. Things were gonna get tougher.

“But I think that would’ve happened anyway because of the tone – the show took a long time to find itself, to find its tone, and I think that probably contributed to its demise. That’s unfortunate, but I did think that the tone it achieved in the final episodes was a slightly darker tone and a slightly more mature tone, and I think that was absolutely right for it.

“It wasn’t in any way trying to meet the standards of what we think a family wants to see, and it was actually doing something that gives families a lot of credit. I did feel we were going in a darker direction – which is not to say a less optimistic direction because, of course, the hope of humanity is the whole thing.

“They had very interesting plans for my character, I know that there was a touch of madness on the table. I was looking forward to going in that direction.”

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