Supernatural’s Misha Collins slams “misogyny” in script

Misha Collins on Supernatural “gratuitously misogynistic” attitude to female characters

Misha Collins as Castiel in The CW's Supernatural
Misha Collins as Castiel in The CW’s Supernatural

Supernatural star Misha Collins – who plays fan-favourite angel Castiel – spoke out about the long-running supernatural drama’s perceived attitudes to women at the recent J2 convention in New Jersey.

“I’m frankly surprised by the show,” said Collins (you can see the full interview below. “Sorry, people who write the show and everybody who works on it and everything, but there’s stupid things on the show that they shouldn’t do.

“Like, why do they have to say ‘bitch’ and kill all the women? You know? Because there are certain small ways in which the show is sort of gratuitously misogynistic when it doesn’t need to be.

“When I read the scripts, I cringe sometimes. Yeah, there’s a million other things you could say, you don’t need to do this. Or, um, you have killed every other female character who had more than a two-episode arc. Do you have to take this one?”

“Charlie’s still around,” he added of Felicia Day’s much-loved dork, “although she’s not a threat to the boys as a romantic interest because she’s gay.”

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