Supernatural Season 9 dropped by Sky Living UK

UK Supernatural fans disappointed as Sky Living announces it won’t show Season 9 and beyond

DeanScreamsSky Living has announced that it has dropped Supernatural Season Nine and any future seasons from its UK schedule.

UK fans of Sam and Dean Winchester will be crushed by the news that the ninth season, currently airing in the US, will not be shown by the broadcaster.

Digital Spy reports that Sky Living dropped the CW hit as well as Courtney Cox comedy Cougar Town.

“We understand fans of the show may be disappointed by this news and we want to reassure you that we appreciate your passion for TV, Sky Living and these shows in particular,” the company said in a statement.

“Of course, we take your feedback very seriously, and we anticipate a lot of you will want to get in touch with us about this. We can’t promise to reply to you all on an individual basis, but we’ll make sure we post any updates on Facebook, Twitter or online.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that Supernatural fans will be wanting to express their disappointment.

Meanwhile in the US, Supernatural Season 10 has already been confirmed as well as the spin-off show Supernatural: Bloodlines. Warner TV will be looking to find another UK broadcaster for the Winchester boys. Fingers crossed someone snaps it up.

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