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Supergirl TV series rumours are awesome if they’re true

Will Supergirl be joining Arrow and The Flash in DC’s small-screen Justice League?

Supergirl as she appears in DC's New 52
Supergirl as she appears in DC’s New 52

According to Bleeding Cool, Michael Green – the heavyweight executive producer behind Smallville, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Heroes and the terrible Green Lantern movie – has pitched a Supergirl show to DC Entertainment.

There’s no source cited, so this is best treated as a rumour before you even get into the ‘might not even happen’ stage of your reaction.

Green also worked on the New 52 relaunch of Supergirl alongside writer Mike Johnson, so he knows the character well.

Given the dearth of female-led superhero movies and TV shows, there’s a real hunger for something like this – especially using a variation on one of the company’s flagship characters.

The major barrier however is that with Warner Bros keeping their TV and movie arms separate, they might not be so fussed about supporting characters running around every other week in Arrow or The Flash, or Batman’s origin story playing out in Gotham, but when it comes to the Superman brand things might be a bit different.

The current DC movie universe has Man Of Steel at its core, after all…

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