Stephen King’s Cell bags Paranormal Activity 2 director

Paranormal Activity 2 director to adapt Stephen King zombie horror Cell instead of Eli Roth

The cover art to Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell

Stephen King‘s 2006 zombie horror novel Cell has been burning in development hell since 2008, when Hostel and Cabin Fever creator Eli Roth was lined up to direct, before dropping out in 2009.

Now, according to Screen Daily, Paranormal Activity 2‘s Tod ‘Kip’ Williams, has been enlisted to direct from a script written by King and The Last House On The Left reboot’s Adam Alleca, and production is due to begin May 2013.

“Tod is a dynamic filmmaker whose work has been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful,” said Cargo CEO, Marina Grasic. “He brings a unique and exciting vision to Cell that will appeal to audiences worldwide.”

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