Star Wars 7: John Boyega on teaser trailer backlash

John Boyega’s got an answer for anyone upset by a black stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode VII

John Boyega Star WarsWhile most of us were sent into a state of giddy happiness and nostalgia by the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer, there was a vocal group who found something to get upset about.

With crushing predictability, there were those who complained about John Boyega’s appearance in stormtrooper uniform. Clearly, the idea that there could be a black stormtrooper didn’t compute.

Boyega posted a message on Instagram responding to the overwhelming love for the trailer, while conveying a sentiment to those who found his brief moment in the trailer too much to deal with.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 17.09.32

As many have already pointed out, there’s every possibility that Boyega isn’t even playing a stormtrooper. He wouldn’t be the first character in the series to adopt that disguise. Still, if he is, there’s absolutely no reason to complain beyond prejudice. So get used to it.

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