Star Trek Into Darkness: will Spock die?

After Star Trek 2 Zachary Quinto wants to go in a different direction with his career

Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock in 2009’s Star Trek

They’ve made no secret of trying to emulate the Dark Knight trilogy set-up for the Star Trek reboot, but perhaps this means someone close to Kirk (Chris Pine) has to die in the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s all idle speculation, so don’t get too worked up, but speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Zachary Quinto said that after the second Star Trek movie, he’s ready to “go in a different direction. It’s like an era of association with certain roles – a specific part like Spock, or a kind of part, like Sylar — is coming to an end.”

So… will Spock die in Kirk’s arms in the middle third of Star Trek Into Darkness? Find out when the movie hits cinemas 17 May 2013.