Star Trek 3 is in trouble thanks to Guardians Of The Galaxy

Is Guardians Of The Galaxy to blame for Roberto Orci’s decision to quit Star Trek 3?

Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness
Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness

According to Bad Ass Digest the recent round of Star Trek 3 directorial musical chairs is because Paramount have decided that the third Trek movie needs to be more like Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – a change in direction that prompted franchise loyalist Robert Orci to opt out.

The site explains: “That’s the movie that has a bug up Paramount’s ass, and they want Star Trek 3 to feel more like Guardians. This comes on the heels of the first two movies being respectable, solid earners but not the kind of home runs Paramount needs.

“They want the third film to be huge, and they want it to be huge overseas especially. They look at Rocket and Groot and then they look at Keenser and they wonder why he doesn’t have more of a role.”


The site quotes no sources so our usual ‘treat as bullshit’ rule applies, but they claim that Orci departed “because Paramount’s notes on his script were untenable and the other was that Paramount shut the picture down a month ago and spent the time talking to other filmmakers before officially taking Orci off the project.”

This is pretty sad news for Trekkers, many of whom feel as though the franchise has should be concentrating on trying to produce a true Star Trek movie before it moves onto trying to rip off Guardians Of The Galaxy

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