Spoiler: Heroes – S04E18

The end is nigh, but is this season finale enough to keep Heroes on screens?

Picture 1Episode 18: Brave New World
US Air Date: 08 February 2010
Writer: Tim Kring
Director: Adam Kane

Noah and Claire are still stuck underground. Knowing that he is going to die, Noah states his final wish to Claire: he wants her to remain out of the public eye in the wake of Samuel’s devastating address to the world. As it happens, though, Lauren is on hand to save the two and whisk them off in a helicopter to Central Park. During this time Sylar and Peter save Matt from Eli; following this they both head to the carnival’s location. After a touching meeting with Charlie, Hiro and Ando are summoned by Noah to help at Central Park. As events heat up Claire attempts to dissuade the carnies from going through with Samuel’s plot. She succeeds. With Samuel’s followers deserting him, he screams in anger but before he can cause any damage Peter stops him. Hiro and Ando arrive just in the nick of time and manage to transport the carnival to a far away location. The police subsequently arrest a powerless Samuel.