Spoiler: Heroes – S04E08

We recap on last night’s episode of Heroes.

ShadowboxingEpisode 08: Shadowboxing
US Air Date:
09 November 2009
Misha Green, Joe Pokaski
Jim Chory

At an airport Sylar clashes with his inner Matt. After getting caught with a gun he is subsequently arrested, but uses Nathan’s powers to fly away and escape. Back on campus and Gretchen investigates just what happened at the slaughterhouse. Noah informs Claire that Gretchen needs her memories wiped, but Claire refuses this to happen. The threat of Rebecca soon becomes too much for Gretchen and she leaves college to return home. Samuel drops in on Claire and tells her that Noah killed Rebecca’s father. Noah storms in on Samuel and Claire. He demands answers about the compass. Noah tries to apprehend Samuel and is thwarted by Rebecca. Samuel subdues her and takes her away to the circus. At a diner Sylar is surrounded by the police force. After a struggle Matt concentrates hard enough to force Sylar to open fire on the police. He is gunned down. Back at Peter’s apartment and Nathan arrives to inform him that he is in trouble.