Spoiler: FlashForward – S01E10

Catch up with this full episode guide for FlashForward’s mid-season finale.

Episode 10: Picture 2A561984
US Air Date:
03 December 2009
Writer: David S Goyer, Scott M Gimple
Director: Michael Nankin

Mark and Demetri arrive in Hong Kong hoping to find the mysterious woman that predicted Demetri’s death. Ignoring Wedeck’s protests they both continue searching. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Simon prepare a press conference detailing to the world the NLAP’s tests; this soon goes awry and causes a falling out between the two. Following this, Wedeck ropes Simon into cooperating with the FBI. At this time Zoey realises that her flashforward did, in fact, signal that Demetri dies, and with this knowledge confirmed she decides to change the future. Back in Hong Kong and Mark and Demetri find the girl they are looking for, only to be told by her that it is Mark that kills Demetri. The situation turns sour and the authorities arrive. This event ends with Mark turning in his badge and gun. The episode concludes with Olivia witnessing Lloyd getting kidnapped by an unknown party.