Split sequel Glass confirmed by M Night Shyamalan

So many Split spoilers in this article about the sequel, so be careful

We’re going to begin this news story with a massive spoiler warning for the film Split. If you haven’t seen Split and you’ve been avoiding spoilers like the devil, then please just know that they’re making a sequel and then leave. James McAvoy’s face is the warning.

Well, if you saw Split (turn back now if not), you’ll know that the hugely successful psychological thriller ended by being a secret sequel to Shyamalan’s beloved superhero movie Unbreakable.

Oh, there’s spoilers for Unbreakable too. If you haven’t seen Unbreakable yet, be warned. God, this crossover is a minefield.

Since the movie came out, everyone’s been asking the filmmaker if he’s going to tie the two films together and he’s been open about writing the script. Now he’s tweeted that the film is definitely happening and the cast is confirmed.

So, Bruce Willis will reprise his role as David Dunn following his little cameo at the end of Split, while Samuel L Jackson will be back as Unbreakable‘s mentor/villain Elijah Price, aka (all together now) Mr Glass. McAvoy’s multiple personality character will return, as will Anya Taylor-Joy’s Casey Cook, who survived Split.

Split is an appropriate title for a film that seemed to divide audiences and critics. Some praised it as an inventive genre thriller, while others took issue with its use of mental illness and abuse for those kinds of storytelling devices. However, everyone seemed to be united in praising McAvoy’s performance(s), and we do all love Unbreakable and have been clamouring for a sequel for years.

How do you feel about this? Are you excited to see these two films cross over?

Glass will be released on 18 January 2019. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.