Joss Whedon’s SHIELD is “bigger than your average cop show”

Joss Whedon promised “powers, FX and sci-fi spectacle” in SHIELD TV series for ABC

Joss Whedon and Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury) on the set of Avengers Assemble

Talking to MTV, Avengers Assemble director and Buffy creator Joss Whedon shed a bit of light on his overarching plan for ABC’s new SHIELD TV show – the pilot of which he’s currently shooting.

“You have to bring a bit of spectacle to it,” said Whedon. “It’s got to be bigger than your average cop show.

“But at the end of the day, it’s about the peripheral people. It’s about the people on the edges of the grand adventures. The whole point of the show is that even with all these big things, the little things matter. It’s about people who don’t have super powers.

“There will be some people with powers,” he continued. “There will be FX, and there will be the spectacle of science-fiction storytelling, but all played on a very human, small level. That’s the appeal of the thing.”

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