Beetlejuice 2 is “direct sequel” says Seth Grahame-Smith

Beetlejuice 2 writer tweets update and talks need for Burton and Keaton

A familiar striped figure watching over Seth Grahame-Smith's computer
A familiar striped figure watching over Seth Grahame-Smith’s computer

Seth Grahame-Smith has taken to Twitter to update his progress on Beetlejuice 2.

The photo is captioned “It’s showtime…” Tim Burton chose the author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to write the sequel to his classic comedy starring Michael Keaton.

When we talked to Grahame-Smith he stressed his desire to be faithful to the original.

“I think that you’d have to be an idiot not to be nervous about taking on something so beloved by so many people, myself included. Which is the precise reason why we told Warner Brothers we would absolutely not even think about doing it without Michael Keaton reprising his role and without Tim’s involvement and we were lucky enough to get both men to agree in theory, provided the script was strong enough that they’d at least be open to it so we’re proceeding slowly, cautiously and carefully,” said Grahame-Smith.

“What I will say is that we are not remaking or rebooting this movie, we are doing absolutely doing a 26-years later sequel and more important than that, if we don’t feel like it does the first movie justice then I think it’s even better not to do it, so we’ll see.”

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