Series Of Unfortunate Events casts Lemony Snicket & Count Olaf

Find out who is playing Lemony Snicket and the evil Count Olaf

There’s finally some solid A Series Of Unfortunate Events news! According to DeadlineHow I Met Your Mother and Gone Girl actor Neil Patrick Harris has officially signed up to play the evil Count Olaf in the series, having been rumoured for the role for a while now.

He seems an unusual choice for the role, especially considering Jim Carrey was the last actor to play him in the (kind of awful) 2004 film. But if Gone Girl and HIMYM taught us anything it’s that Harris has range. We’re always down for some NPH magic, so this casting is more than welcome.

Partick Warburton and Neil Patrick Harris doing their thang
Partick Warburton and Neil Patrick Harris doing their thang

The brilliant Patrick Warburton (The TickRules Of Engagement) has also been cast as A Series Of Unfortunate Events author Lemony Snicket, a role that was taken on by Jude Law in the film. This piece of casting is somehow even stranger than Neil Patrick Harris, but we’re so on board for it. It’s unclear if Warburton will have his actual face and body in the series or if he’ll just be providing his voice, but we’re excited either way.

Joining the two actors are Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes as Violet and Klaus Baudelaire, and we’re presuming a random baby will probably play their little sister Sunny. Barry Sonnenfeld (the Men In Black films, The Addams Family) is directing the series.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events is yet to get an air date. Get all the latest fantasy news with every issue of SciFiNow.