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Ray Wise: Infestation sequel a possibility

Ray Wise talks to SciFiNow about Infestation

0000043434_200709261239451In conjunction with Infestation’s imminent arrival on DVD and Blu-ray, SciFiNow caught up with actor Ray Wise to discuss his part in the indie creature feature. The film takes place in an everyday American city, which, as it happens, is in the process of being taken over by a breed of super bugs. It’s then up to a hapless group of survivors to take action and save the world.

During the interview Wise was keen to discuss the project and had plenty to say about his character. Better still, he teased us with a little bit of information regarding a possible sequel to Infestation.

Tell us about your character of Ethan in Infestation?
Well I play a retired military service man and he is one of those very strong minded, independent men who I guess you could call a survivalist. And that’s what he does in the picture. Basically he helps his son conquer the infestation.

Was it a fun film to work on?
Yeah it was a lot of fun. We shot the movie in Bulgaria and it was very interesting to be in that country. We shot in some beautiful mountain areas and we were just outside of Sofia. We enjoyed our time there a great deal.

You’ve worked with director Kyle Rankin before. How was it teaming up with him for this picture?
Yes we’ve worked together quite a bit before. I worked on one of earliest films when he was still living back in Maine, and that was called Pennyweight. It was a festival film and he got some notice for that. Also, we did a little online series called Hellholes together – it’s quite good. So yeah, we have a long history.

Will there be a sequel to Infestation?
Well I know that they’ve discussed it; it’s been talked about. But I couldn’t say for certain that it will happen.

Infestation is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 07 September, courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment.