Primeval: New World’s Sara Canning teases love in Season 2

Sara Canning talks death in The Vampire Diaries and romance in Primeval: New World

Sara Canning as Predator Attack Expert Dylan Weir in Primeval: New World

Canadian actress Sara Canning is on home soil shooting Primeval: New World in Vancouver. It’s the spin-off of the original UK series with a later time slot and more brutal dinosaur attacks. We caught up with the former Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries star to find out more….

What drew you to the role of Dylan Weir in Primeval: New World?

I loved the character of Dylan Weir, I thought she was really interesting and something that I’ve never done anything remotely like. I’ve never really done action before and it’s a very action-y, physically-heavy kind of show so I thought ‘Why not?’

Tell us more about the relationship between Dylan and Evan Cross (played by Eureka’s Niall Matter)?

I love the relationship between Dylan and Evan because I don’t think it’s definable, it’s will-they-won’t-they and I think Niall [Matter] and I both agree that our favourite part of the relationship is the level of respect that they each have for one another. It’s never the man saving the woman or the woman is smarter than the man, it’s that they really need each other in unexpected ways and it’s always interesting to see which person is the voice of reason and which one is pushing the other.

Could history repeat itself and we end up with a romantically-linked dino-hunting duo like Abby and Connor (in the original UK series)?

I think it’s a possibility…. I think there are so many roads we could take and we’re so hoping for a second season. The finale is so wild, I can’t wait to see where they end up together. There are just so many possibilities for Season Two.

Do you think The Vampire Diaries fans may have followed you to Primeval? (Canning played Jenna Sommers, Elena’s Aunt)

I hope so, it’s definitely in the realm of sci-fi but it’s very different from The Vampire Diaries, though. TVD focuses on different aspects of humanity and the supernatural more than Primeval does. They’re different genre, tone and pace-wise but if any Vampire Diaries fans were to follow Primeval: New World, I extend my huge gratitude to them, it’s always lovely and helpful when you’re starting a new show.

TVD fans were outraged when your character died! That must have felt good?

I know, I was so overwhelmed by how kind everyone was and how outraged some people were. When people tell me they cried when Jenna died I say, ‘I’m so happy! Sorry that you were emotional’, but it really means a lot to know my character sat so well with people. I really liked playing her.

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