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Pacific Rim 2 could happen but there’s no rush

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim could get a sequel but Legendary Pictures won’t rush it

pacific-rimWith the announcement of Godzilla 2, it’s encouraging to hear that a sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim hasn’t been written off.

Speaking to I Am Rogue, Legendary Picture’s Thomas Tull stated that Pacific Rim 2 is at least partly dependent on del Toro coming to them with a great story and returning to direct.

“Here’s the deal. We’re very close with Guillermo. He’s doing Crimson Peak for us right now. With the amount of money that we did on Pacific Rim – over $400 million – it didn’t quite hit our expectations, but it did better than a lot of other films. If there’s another great story to tell with Guillermo then we’re all over it, because we think it’s really hard to create one of these things from scratch.”

“The movie did really well on home video and merchandise, and it certainly has a big international following. We’re not just going to do Pacific Rim 2 just to do it. Right now, we’re talking to Guillermo del Toro. If we can crack the story, we all think it’s great, and it’s him at the helm, then fantastic. But right now there’s nothing going on officially to proclaim.”

Del Toro is currently working on Crimson Peak and his TV show The Strain, and still has a huge list of ‘in development’ credits ranging from Justice League Dark to The Witches, and there’s always Hellboy 3 sitting on his list of passion projects.

However, it’s reassuring to know that the structure seems to be in place for a Pacific Rim sequel, and it seems to be, in large part, in his hands.

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