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Outland returning to the big screen

Warner Bros to give this Eighties sci-fi hit the remake treatment.

outlandWarner Brothers is calling on Shoot ’Em Up director Michael Davis to direct a remake of sci-fi thriller Outland, according to Variety. The film is being co-produced by Hollywood Gang Productions, and Chad St. John is on board as screenwriter.

Hollywood Gang’s Gianni Nunnari said this of the project:

“We loved the original sci-fi film with Sean Connery,” he said. “At its core, Outland is a version of High Noon in outer space, as two courageous people take a stand against a gang of ruthless conspirators at the highest level.”

Davis concurred with this sentiment and reassured fans of the original by saying: “We’re staying true to the thematic heart of Outland while expanding the space frontier concept.”

Released in 1981 and loosely based on the aforementioned western, Outland starred Sean Connery as a police marshal stationed on a Jupiter mining colony. Much of the plot centred on a deadly conspiracy, something that is clearly being explored in this remake.

At this time no production date has been set for Outland.