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Merlin Series 5: Colin Morgan reveals what happened to the baby dragon!

Where is Aithusa? Colin Morgan explains with severe Merlin Series 5 spoilers.

Aithusa Merlin

Aithusa Merlin
The white dragon Aithusa hatches

Ever since the baby dragon Aithusa showed up at the end of Merlin Series 4 to heal an injured Morgana, we’ve been wondering what on earth he was thinking.

Now, Colin Morgan (Merlin) has revealed what’s actually happened: “The baby dragon was a big thing for him, something he wanted to do for the future, and it’s actually a little bit upsetting what’s to come with the baby dragon – he’s chosen Morgana!

“And something has happened with Morgana in these three years that we don’t know about that from the first, opening episode has put her on such a mission, on such a drive, that it’s terrifying, and nobody knows what it is or what her reasons are.”

This is not going to sit well with the wizard, as Morgan continues: “The dragons have always been, for Merlin, something highly important to him, because he constantly refers to them as kin – he has a connection to them. They are creatures of magic, and regardless of it, there is a lot of loneliness in Merlin.”

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