MaXXXine: Mia Goth heads to Hollywood in Ti West's bloody horror

MaXXXine: Mia Goth heads to Hollywood in Ti West’s bloody horror

Check out the first trailer for MaXXXine, the third and final installment from the X trilogy.


We’re heading to the bright lights and dark alleys of Eighties Hollywood for Ti West’s horror sequel, MaXXXine, the final movie in the X series. Mia Goth is back teaming up with West for MaXXXine, where she plays Maxine Minx, who we saw in 2022’s X as the adult film star who sees her pornography-shooting friends violently murdered in Texas. X was followed by Pearl, which saw Goth play a younger version of Pearl, the villain from the first movie.

The latest movie sees Maxine continue her journey towards fame after the bloody events of X and trying to make it as as an actress in 1985 Los Angeles.

Check out the trailer…

MaXXXine sees the mysterious ‘Night Stalker ‘serial killer murdering the starlets of Hollywood and who leaves a trail of blood which threatens to reveal Maxine’s sinister past

Alongside Goth, the film stars Kevin Bacon as a private detective hired to find Maxine, as well as Elizabeth Debicki (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.), Moses Sumney (The Idol), Michelle Monaghan (Nanny), Bobby Cannavale (The Watcher), Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), Halsey (Americana), and Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian).

MaXXXine will be released in cinemas on 9 August. 

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