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Maggie’s the last one standing in The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohen says Maggie will be the only person able to fight

twds413top-710x400The Walking Dead has come under fire in the past for not featuring enough strong women, but it sounds like Season 4 is about to change that.

Speaking to TVGuide, actress Lauren Cohen reveals that Maggie will be one of the few flu survivors. “There’s a point where the number of able-bodied people is one or two,” she says. “It gets to a point where Maggie is the only person who can actually fight.”

That’s not to say that the other core members will die, but they’ll certainly be struggling with the deadly flu that’s going around. And with the number of walkers outside the prison growing, it will really give Maggie a chance to shine.

The Walking Dead Season 4 is currently airing on FOX on Fridays at 10pm. The Walking Dead: The Complete Season 3 is available now on DVD for £28 or on Blu-ray for £30 from Amazon.co.uk.