Lore Season 2 new trailer has six new scary stories

Lore Season 2 has released a spooky new trailer, as well as a batch of episode descriptions

The first trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s horror anthology Lore Season 2 has crept in with a preview of six brand new, totally true scary stories. Check it out here:

The streaming service has also released some episode details, which include two stories that haven’t previously featured on the podcast the series was based on.

Burke and Hare: In the Name of Science – Two shunned Irish immigrants in Scotland start off as grave robbers to sell the dead to doctors, but decide that creating their own inventory is much easier, and become the most prolific mass-murdering duo in history. Stars Emmet Byrne, Emmett J. Scanlan and Doug Bradley.

Elizabeth Bathory: Mirror, Mirror –  The aging Countess of Blood, running out of virginal peasants to drain of their youthful essence, brings in a bright-eyed noble to start a new cycle of torture and murder. Stars Maimie McCoy, Rosalind Eleazar and Ella Hunt.

Hinterkaifeck: Ghost in the Attic – In the German hinterlands, between world wars, a family goes to bed, not knowing that their killer has been living in the walls and attics of their home like a ghost, watching, waiting for his chance to strike, in one of the most famous unsolved mysteries of all time. Stars Jürgen Prochnow, Thomas Kretschmann and Susanne Wuest.

Prague Clock: The Curse of the Orloj – As two clockmakers race against the curse of the Orloj, a curse that has already driven the city of Prague to madness and death with the Black Plague, these brothers will discover the price of trying to change history. Stars Steven Berkoff, Numan Acar and Elie Haddad.

Mary Webster: The Witch of Hadley – A young woman, raised in a town controlled by a religious zealot, must rectify a fatal mistake before a ravenous mob hangs the Old Witch, Mary Webster, in this story set just 11 years before and 100 miles from Salem, Massachusetts. Stars Paula Malcomson, Hebe Beardsall and Paul Rhys.

Jack Parsons: The Devil and the Divine – In 1922 only one person, Jack Parsons, believed that we could send a rocket into space and conjure a demon. By 1952 he had done both. But all he cared about was the Scarlet Woman he had both summoned, and lost, Marjorie Cameron. Stars Josh Bowman and Alicia Witt.

Lore first aired in 2015 and was developed by Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the podcast of the same name, with Propagate Content and Valhalla Entertainment. Ben Silverman (The Office), Howard T. Owens (Killing Kennedy), Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Brett-Patrick Jenkins (Face Off), Jon Halperin and Mark Mannucci (A Year in Space) all serve as executive producers.

Lore Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 19 October 2018. Get all the latest horror news with every issue of SciFiNow.