Locke & Key film held up by FOX TV pilot

Locke & Key film threatened by FOX TV’s pilot episode reveals Joe Hill

Cover art for Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ Lock & Key Volume 1

Cult horror comic Locke & Key isn’t having the best of luck. Although Universal Studios and producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are moving ahead, the property has become embroiled in legal shenanigans.

Creator and heavyweight horror author Joe Hill explained the process to MTV, explaining, “It’s been snared in an endless series of contractual negotiations.

“Universal took a long, long time to come through with an acceptable contract for myself and IDW. Now they’re dealing with a bureaucracy as labyrinthine and implacable as their own: FOX TV.

“Universal wants to avoid spending $25 million on a movie and then have FOX steal their thunder by releasing a three-year-old pilot. FOX wants to see some coin on all the money they sank into the pilot in the first place. The lawyers all have to validate their salaries.”

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