Legendary to adapt Brian K Vaughan’s Ex Machina into a film

Brian K Vaughan’s Ex Machina is being made into a film, titled The Great Machine

Legendary Entertainment is officially adapting Brian K Vaughan’s Ex Machina into a film, according to THR.

The studio recently secured the rights to the comic book series and is set to release the film under the title The Great Machine. We’re guessing the name change is to avoid confusion with Alex Garland’s 2014 sci-fi Ex Machina.

For those unfamiliar with Vaughan’s comic book series, it follows the life of Mitchell Hundred (also known as the Great Machine, hence the new title), the world’s first and only superhero. In the wake of his actions during 9/11, he is elected Mayor of New York City. The story is set during his time in office, and is interwoven with flashbacks to his old life as the Great Machine.

The comic book series, which was also created by artist Tony Harris, launched in 2004 and was published by DC Comics and Wildstorm.

Vaughan’s other popular works include Y: The Last ManSagaRunaways and Paper Girl. He is also involved in TV, and was the showrunner and executive producer of CBS’s series adaptation of Stephen King’s Under The DomeThe Great Machine is part of Vaughan’s huge overall deal with Legendary.

Seberg and The Aftermath‘s Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel have reportedly been tapped to pen the script for the upcoming film. Vaughan will serve as a producer but a director is yet to be hired.

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