Justice League Dark script news is a bit of a cliffhanger

Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League: Dark takes another step closer to reality

Justice League DarkThe idea of Guillermo del Toro making Justice League: Dark is one that’s so perfect that we still can’t believe it’s something that could really happen. However, there’s finally a bit of news.

Forbes reports that del Toro has finished the script for the film and that it’s tentatively titled Dark Universe.

The exact details are that the script “officially went to weekend reads at Warner Bros. The studio’s reactions to the script will be coming back in a few days, and the film could take another step toward production if Warner has a favorable opinion of what they see on the page.”

So, it’s up to Warner Bros now. While their big announcement focused exclusively on their big name brands, there’s not really been a lot of movement on those classic Vertigo characters. Also, there’s clearly no conflict between TV shows and movie casting, as proven by the announcement of Ezra Miller as the big-screen version of The Flash.

Del Toro is such a perfect fit for these characters so we’re just going to have to bite our fingernails until a decision gets made. Go on Warner Bros. Go on. Go on.

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