John Carpenter working on a “gothic western”

The master of horror plans to leave the genre behind

Celebrated horror director John Carpenter, of Halloween and The Thing amongst others (revisit Prince Of Darkness, that film doesn’t get nearly enough love), revealed to Fangoria some details of a current project, saying, “I got into this business to make Westerns, and I got tyepcast as a horror director after Halloween. My dream was to become, to have a career in directing movies so I went wherever they wanted me to go… I’m right now working on a little gothic Western, we’ll see if we can get it set up. It’s hard to sell Westerns these days, meaning it’s hard to raise money because they’re not real commercial.[A horror Western] doesn’t really work… they tried it in the old days, they tried Jesse James Meets Frankenstein and Billy The Kid Meets Dracula… a Western should be a Western.”

Be interesting to see, Assault On Precinct 13 was kinda like a Western wasn’t it?