JJ Abrams’ Revolution will “lose viewers” admits exec

Revolution’s hiatus will lose the JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke sci-fi show viewers, says NBC executive

Revolution is airing now on NBC in the US

It’s still to air in the UK, but on NBC JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke’s Revolution will go on hiatus for nearly four months, concluding Season 1 in March 2013, and an executive at the network admits that ratings are “going to drop.

“The first episode back… is a big episode that completely turns the story in a really significant way,” NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt told TVLine. “It kind of sends the second half of the season off on a new trajectory.

“One of the reasons why we wanted to hold it back is because it would again be paired up with a really strong lead-in.”

“There are some big competitive things coming, with American Idol and the Super Bowl [airing on CBS],” he suggested. “So we expect a pretty significant levelling of the playing field.

“But we knew that going in, so to start out this strong [in the fall] feels like a big accomplishment. We’re going to stay the course and do our best, and once we get into March I think we’ll be back in the game in a big way.”