iZombie TV pilot casts Heroes and Alias star

The CW’s iZombie TV series casts first three characters for supernatural comic adaptation

 Gwen Dylan in iZombie issue 9 by Mike Allred
Gwen Dylan in iZombie issue 9 by Mike Allred

The CW’s iZombie pilot may yet to have confirmed the star behind hipster cadaver Gwen Dylan, they’ve already expanded the supporting cast.

According to Deadline, the pilot – which is being put together by Veronica Mars producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero – has cast Breakout Kings star Malcolm Goodwin as Clive, a police detective who begrudgingly accepts Gwen’s help in solving murders, Last Man Standing‘s Alex Krosney as Peyton, Gwen’s best friend, and Alias and Heroes star David Anders will play moneyed douchebag Blaine.

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