Iron Man 4 will happen if the fans want it, says Don Cheadle

Iron Man 4 is up to the fans to “make some noises” says Iron Man 3’s Don Cheadle

Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle as Tony Stark and James Rhodes in Iron Man 3

Speaking to Access Hollywood (see the interview at the bottom of the page), Iron Man 3 star Don Cheadle is optimistic about the possibility of a fourth Iron Man movie where co-star Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t, saying, “I think if people like you make enough noise about it there’ll be an Iron Man 4.

“I mean, hopefully. I think there’s more to mine.”

The Iron Man franchise looks far from dead; Robert Downey Jr may not have signed up for another solo movie yet, but he’s still down for the Avengers Assemble sequel, and Cheadle is at the centre of a possible War Machine or Iron Patriot spin-off.

It’s going to be determined definitely by Marvel, and if they think there’s another aspect of the story that needs to be told that wasn’t covered in the trilogy, if there’s another way in that’s interesting.

“Because you don’t want to just keep going to the well and have it be something where you’re ending it and should have ended it a long time ago. I’d rather leave them wanting more than go too far. But we’ll see.

“You know, these Marvel universes are vast, and characters can show up in each other’s movies. And Avengers is whole other series of possibilities. Who knows?”

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