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How It Works Illustrated is your new favourite magazine

The mysteries of the universe are brought to glorious full-colour life in How It Works Illustrated

037 HIWi 01It’s time to make room in your life for your new favourite magazine that isn’t SciFiNow, as our brand new sister publication makes its debut: How It Works Illustrated!

From the people who brought you the award-winning and mind-blowing How It Works, All About Space and All About History, this is a travel-sized, fully-illustrated, utterly essential 132-page marvel.001 HIWi 01 UK OFC

Every issue of How It Works Illustrated will focus on one core subject area and deliver insightful, accessible and expert analysis of topics ranging from dinosaurs to Ancient Rome that’s accessible for readers of all ages.

The first issue covers the history of the world, including the first life on Earth, our human ancestors, the outlaws of the Old West and the first men to walk on the Moon, so saying that there’s something for everyone seems like a bit of an understatement!

How It Works Illustrated issue 1 hits newsstands today. Get your copy now!