Hawk The Slayer 2 announced – swords at the ready!

Director Terry Marcel and Rebellion join forces to kickstart Hawk The Hunter

Hawk The Hunter 2
Hopefully we could be revisiting the world of Hawk The Slayer

I n the wake of its upcoming Blu-ray release and appearance at FrightFest, it has been announced that Hawk The Hunter, the long-in-the-works sequel to the cult 1980 swords-and-scorcery epic Hawk The Slayer, may yet see the light of day courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign.

Director/writer Terry Marcel has agreed a deal with publishers Rebellion (most famous for titles like Aliens Vs Predator and Sniper Elite) that will see a Kickstarter campaign launched for Hawk The Hunter, with Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley and director Chris Kingsley acting as producers. In addition to this, Rebellion will also acquire the game and publishing rights to Hawk The Slayer.

Jason said of the news, “Hawk The Slayer was important to me as a boy, and has remained an important touchstone for me now as an adult. It blazed a shining path of true sword and sorcery movie magic for others to follow. I am delighted, and slightly awed, to be part of the team helping to create more adventures for Hawk and his friends.”

Concurring, Marcel said, “This is a dream come true, I’m delighted to be working with a true fan of sword-and-sorcery whose talent means the possibilities for Hawk are endless – keep watching Hawk fans!”

Hawk The Slayer will be released on Blu-ray on 6 July. Keep reading SciFiNow for the latest news on Hawk The Hunter.