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Gotham’s Harvey Dent is “dark and ambitious”

Nicholas D’Agosto explains how Harvey Dent’s dark side will come through in Gotham

Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent in Gotham
Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent in Gotham

Nicholas D’Agosto’s first appearance as Harvey Dent in Gotham is coming up, and the actor has been talking about what’s going to be unique about his take on the character.

Speaking to EW, D’Agosto said “The character does get established as a positive character that Jim Gordon [Ben McKenzie] can get behind. But there’s an ambition in his Harvey Dent, there’s almost a craven ambition to him, and that can lead to his more angry episodes. It lends itself to a darker element to him that most people will know.”

We’ll learn more about the character’s past than the movies have been able to show us, as he explains that “what’s unique would be that this is the origin story so [the writers] have this freedom to follow their imagination for the foundation of this guy. I looked through what were the through-lines for Harvey Dent in his history and I thought it was really important to latch onto his early parental abuse by his father. What’s nice about this origin story is that although he’s going to look a little different than other pre-Two Face Harvey Dents, there’s foreshadowing of his darker nature—there’s going to be a little bit of that you’re seeing early.”

However, D’Agosto does stress that Dent is still very much Gotham‘s White Knight. “Dent is still a pure and genuine character who switches with the accident.”

Gotham airs on Monday nights on Channel 5. For more on the comics that have inspired the show, pick up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!