Get £239 worth of free software now

Get free imaging software worth £239 in the latest issue of Digital Photographer

Digital Photographer issue 140 is out now!

Issue 140 of Digital Photographer comes bundled with a free copy of DxO Optics Pro 6 for Mac and PC. This powerful and easy-to-use software will help you improve shots taken with a wide range of DSLRs and compact cameras.

Your free copy of DxO Optics Pro 6 will help you to remove and minimise lens vignetting, chromatic aberrations and much more. With an exhaustive list of supported cameras and lenses, its fixes are tailored to the camera you used to take your shot.

Also in this issue you’ll learn how to achieve perfect black and white photos, master weather photography and discover the key issues facing documentary photographers. Packed with professional tips and tricks, Digital Photographer is the kitbag essential you need to help you set up, shoot and edit your best-ever photographs.

Issue 140 of Digital Photographer is available to purchase in all good newsagents and stores, via the ImagineShop or via iTunes.