Game Of Thrones Season 3: More shocking deaths!

A spoiler-free interview with Game Of Thrones’ Story Editor Bryan Cogman

Before filming wrapped on Game Of Thrones Season Three, we caught up with Story Editor and ‘Keeper of the Mythos’ Bryan Cogman about what fans can expect…

There’s some amazing new cast members announced for Season 3 – Diana Rigg, Thomas Sangster, Paul Kaye and Mackenzie Crook being pretty exciting – have you started schooling them in the genealogy and heraldry of Westeros yet?

A little bit yeah (laughs). We’ve got Dame Diana Rigg joining the cast as ‘Queen of Thorns’ Lady Olenna Tyrell, which is a thrilling prospect for me who grew up watching The Avengers and of course she’s the only Bond girl that Bond ever married on Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I had a conversation with her the other day about the history of the Tyrell household and it was like having an outer body experience, I’m discussing the history with Emma Peel. It’s an amazing thing. We get more and more amazing cast members every year and we kill a few too to make room and that tradition is going to continue in season 3.

As a fan, is there anything from A Storm Of Swords you can’t wait to see on screen?

I just came from the set where one of the iconic sword fights of the book is being shot and that’s about all I can say but any fan of the books will know what I’m talking about. I sat watching and thought to myself ‘I’ve been waiting to see this scene shot in front of me for four years’ and I know fans have been waiting even longer than that and I’m thrilled that we can offer some of those moments this season.

A Storm Of Swords has even more locations and characters, is it right that you’re planning on tackling this issue by turning it into seasons three and four?

More of less we’re covering seasons three and four with the events of A Storm Of Swords but from now on we’re not looking at a book per season, there’s going to be a lot more blending of elements of all the books as needed. You might see bits from other books, it just depends what each story needs in terms of adapting for television. It was impossible for us to conceive stuffing all of the major events of Storm Of Swords into 10 episodes and the schedule is such that we really can’t fit in more than 10 episodes per season. That’s with us never stopping.

Is the show written with any insight as to how George RR Martin may resolve the series?

I might know a few things and I’m pretty sure the guys know more but if I revealed them we’d both be killed. Of course, we need to know a few things about the end game in order to write it properly but in the end only George knows how to end this thing.

Some characters undergo noticeable physical changes in the books. Do you think this might present any problems?

I don’t think so, what’s great about this show is that the characters never follow the arc that you think they’re going to follow. George takes this archetypes and turns them on their heads in every case and nobody takes a traditional journey and I think that’s what excited fans, many of whom would have never gravitated to this genre before.

Game Of Thrones has proven that the fate of some characters is not written in stone. As there’s a number of major character deaths to come in the books, is there a possibility that any of them could cheat death in the series?

Oh I can’t comment on anything like that! I can just tell you that the books are surprising and so is the TV series!

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