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Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman “is a coming of age story”

What to expect from the Wonder Woman solo movie

The reception to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice might not have been what DC/Warner Bros was hoping for, but the reaction to Wonder Woman’s first film appearance arguably made up for this. We cheered when Gal Gadot showed up in costume for the first time, her wrists crossed, cuffs still burning red after deflecting the blast she saved Batman from. It was a perfect big-screen introduction for her – and it only took 75 years to get there.

That’s not the last we’re seeing of her though – she’s finally getting her own big-screen outing, due in June 2017 and helmed by Monster director Patty Jenkins. Much of the film is being kept under wraps, but we do know that it’ll be a back story to that 1918 photo of her glimpsed in Batman V Superman, fighting alongside Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

Gal Gadot, the actress bringing her to life, gave us a little insight into what to expect from the Wonder Woman film. “In Batman V Superman, you are being introduced to a very experienced, dark Wonder Woman. She has been around for a while. Something happened 100 years ago that made her not want to be involved in a man’s world. However, we are going to tell the entire coming of age story of Diana. We’re going to see how she becomes Wonder Woman. She is very different to the Diana that you see in [Dawn Of Justice]. She is more naïve and she’s purer. She is a young idealist who does not yet understand the complexities of life.”

When Wonder Woman shows up in costume in BvS, she turns the tide of a fight that neither of the title heroes were winning. But Gadot promises us that while there will be action in the Wonder Woman solo movie, that’s not the film’s raison d’être. “I think that the heart of the movie is about the coming of age of Diana. Diana is so passionate about life and she is so passionate about love and truth and justice – and she is very inspiring, even to me. One of the reasons why Patty Jenkins agreed to do this movie was because of the core story. The action is fantastic. You will have action – but we have a very, very solid story to tell.”

Wonder Woman will be released in cinemas on 23 June 2017. You can download The 25 Greatest DC Comics Ever digital edition from GreatDigitalMags.com now. For more news about the biggest movies, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.