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Fantastic Four reboot trailer… um, where is it?

Writer/producer Simon Kinberg explains where the Fantastic Four trailer or pictures are

The Fantastic Four as they traditionally appear in the Marvel comics
The Fantastic Four as they traditionally appear in the Marvel comics

20th Century Fox’s The Fantastic Four is the most hated movie that nobody has actually seen, despite being a reboot of a film franchise nobody actually liked.

Considering it’s due for release in Summer 2015, many have interpreted the lack of a trailer or any images as an admission that the film isn’t much good (although to be fair they’ve interpreted everything as an admission that the film isn’t much good).

As far as executive producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg is concerned, post-production is still ongoing and they’re just being cautious.

“We’re putting it together now,” Kinberg told ComicBook.com, “and one of the important things, because this Fantastic Four is a reboot, and is such a different tonality and vibe from those other films, we want to make sure that the first thing we put out really expresses the voice of the movie, and isn’t compromised by not having visual effects ready, or anything like that.”

Asked more directly for an ETA on the trailer, he replied:

“I don’t actually know when it’s coming out, but I’ve seen all the footage from the movie. I was there for pretty much the whole shoot.

“It is a very different film from the others, and one that I think is very different from other superhero movies. It’s a very emotional, character-driven, more grounded film than I think people are anticipating.”

Fantastic Four is set to be released on 7 August 2015. You can buy Josh Trank’s Chronicle on Blu-ray for £9.75 at Amazon.co.uk and find out more on the comics that have inspired the film by picking up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!