Exclusive: Kevin Smith talks Star Wars TV series

The director tells SciFiNow what HE wants from Star Wars on the small screen.

PH1Si329Q8Za42SciFiNow spoke to Kevin Smith this morning about his loud and proud career in Hollywood. Amid all the View Askewniverse, comic book and film chatter, Smith had some candid thoughts to share on the upcoming Star Wars live-action TV series.

Prompted with the question of what he would like from the space saga on the small screen, Smith said the following:

“I don’t care. It should be geared towards children because that’s the current audience. But I’m over it. I mean I’m 39 I don’t give a shit what they do with the Star Wars show any more,” he continued. “Hopefully they stay true to the universe, but my feeling is that they turn it over to Ron D Moore and David Eick – then I’d watch it every week. Just take Star Wars, and be like, ‘Look, it’s Star Wars, it’ll always be Star Wars, but now it’s going to be intelligent.’”

Throughout the course of the conversation, Smith’s sentiment was very much with ours: make the show for the original trilogy fans.

“Absolutely, and why not?” he says. “That show is printing money at this point, all that Star Wars stuff does. Lucas is way head ahead of the game, so why not make the show just for the hardcore geeks that absolutely adore the original trilogy. You’ve got nothing to lose and you’d be making everybody happy,” he exclaimed, before commenting on George Lucas himself. “Every news story would be like ‘Lucas back in good graces of the fans’, but in order to do that then it would take George Lucas admitting that the fans didn’t like the second trilogy, which I’m sure he isn’t even aware of. And why should he be? He’s just like, ‘Hey man I’m a creator I don’t give a shit. I just create and move on, create and move on.’”

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