Evil Dead’s Fede Alvarez on Doctor Strange and Army Of Darkness 2

Doctor Strange rumours are “false” but Army Of Darkness 2 and Evil Dead 2 crossover is on

Fede Alvarez on the set of Evil Dead
Fede Alvarez on the set of Evil Dead

Speaking exclusively to SciFiNowEvil Dead reboot director Fede Alvarez laughed off the rumours that he would be directing Marvel’s Phase 3 movie, Doctor Strange.

“It’s weird but fun to read false things about yourself but it comes with the package of making films in Hollywood I guess,” said the director. But it is true that we’re writing the sequel to Evil Dead and it is true that Sam definitely wants to make another Evil Dead with Bruce.”

Key word there is ‘wants’ of course, but with so much renewed interest in the series Army Of Darkness 2 is looking more likely to happen than ever.

Bruce Campbell recently dismissed speculation of a crossover between the two branches of Evil Dead, however Alvarez says that he would like to make a film which bridges the two mythologies

“Ideally I want to make a sequel to this film and Sam will do Army Of Darkness 2 to bring Ash to a new audience. Then we’ll do a final film where we connect both mythologies. That would be amazing.”

Evil Dead reboot spoiler, read on at own risk.

This is you on spoilers
This is you on spoilers

Bruce Campbell’s appearance at the end credits of Evil Dead could’ve been more than just a nod to the original trilogy. Is his appearance a hint that the crossover is already in the pipeline?

“The cameo is there to say Ash exists in this mythology,” explains the director, “he’s around and he’s aware of what’s going on. That’s why we didn’t want to do a cameo of Bruce Campbell just playing some random dude because that would’ve meant Ash doesn’t exist. It’s also why he’s saying: ‘Groovy!’ so you’re sure that it’s him.”

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