Evil Dead reboot ripped off Cabin In The Woods, apparently

Fede Alvarez talks Sam Raimi and the pressure of rebooting Evil Dead

Shiloh Fernandez in Fede Alvarez' Evil Dead
Shiloh Fernandez in Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead

Speaking exclusively to SciFiNow, filmmaker Fede Alvarez says he was ‘not intimidated’ while taking on the reboot of Sam Raimi’s gore classic Evil Dead.

“It’s bad to be intimidated when you’re making a film because you try to please everybody and that is when you fail. My goal was to create a story that would work for a new audience, whether they’d seen the originals or not. After that we thought about nods we could put in from the original story to make something special out of it and give fans a different experience.”

“People have asked me if we took inspiration from Cabin In The Woods. I can’t blame them – some of the kids watching this film are like 18, 19 and they’ve never even heard of the original but you have to make a film that works for them too if you want it to succeed.”

Alvarez did admit to being nervous closer to the film’s release. He said: “When people started talking about the film, saying: ‘this better be good’ I did think to myself: ‘oh shit!’ That’s a good moment to be intimidated – when the movie’s done.”

Evil Dead is Alvarez’s first full-length film after he shot to prominence with short film Panic Attack in 2009 catching the attention of Sam Raimi, who offered him directing duties on a new Evil Dead.

“I said ‘hell yes’ but I never thought I was remaking the film, I always thought we were making a new film and that’s what we did – it’s a new Evil Dead film with new characters. Sam Raimi is the man. I’ve been a fan since Darkman. I was 12 when I first saw The Evil Dead and Sam was definitely the guy I wanted to work with because he’s such a hero of mine.”

Evil Dead is in cinemas now. You can read our review here and  buy Sam Raimi’s original The Evil Dead on Blu-ray for £8 at Amazon.co.uk.