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Dracula Untold new pictures Luke Evans goes tragic hero

Luke Evans shows the human side of Vlad Tepes in new pictures from Dracula Untold

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A new set of stills from Universal’s Dracula Untold give us a better look at Luke Evans’ take on the Count.

The images (from Arrow In The Head) are a combination of behind the scenes pics and stills, and show the character before he vamps out.

The positioning of Vlad Tepes as a tragic Gothic hero is an interesting take on the character, and we know Evans can do reluctant hero (he is Bard The Bowman, after all) but it remains to be seen how that journey fits into the bigger, battle-strewn action movie sequences and the film’s supernatural horror elements (specifically, the cave of Charles Dance).

Dracula Untold is in cinemas 3 October 2014. You can buy Bram Stoker’s Dracula on Blu-ray for £7.50 at Amazon.co.uk.