Download the Star Trek Complete Manual, on sale now!

The Star Trek Complete Manual is available for £2.29 from iTunes now

Digi ed coverBeaming in from the makers of SciFiNow is the Star Trek: Complete Manual, available to download for £2.29 from iTunes now.

Inside the issue are complete guides to every era of the Star Trek, from The Original Series and The Next Generation to Deep Space 9 and Voyager.Digi ed Spread 1

Also featured is an interview with the late great Gene Rodenberry, as well one-on-ones with the original dynamic duo, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Bringing our unrivalled coverage full circle are behind-the-scenes features on the 2009 movie reboot and its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, featuring interviews with near enough every member of their all-star cast.Digi Ed spread 2

Delving even deeper, we examine forgotten curios like Phase II, the Star Trek series that never was, and take a look back at the Animated Series.

Star Trek: The Complete Manual is available to download now from Great Digital Mags.